Chef Claude Troisgros, Pequeno Príncipe Gala’s patron, has selected renowned chefs to sign the exclusive menu for the 2019’s special dinner. The event will be held on the 11th of October at Gotham Hall, in New York City.

Alex Atala

The award-winning chef is known for his inventive cuisine that is focused on valuing Brazilian ingredients

Claude Troisgros

Patron of the Pequeno Príncipe Gala, he is considered one of the biggest names in international gastronomy

Daniel Boulud

Daniel Boulud

Owner of restaurants located in many countries, the chef has already earned three Michelin Guide stars

Helena Rizzo

Considered one of the best female chefs in the world, she believes food can be a form of artistic expression

Thomas Troisgros

The fourth generation of a family of renowned chefs, his work values the roots of Brazilian cuisin