Pay attention to the signs of violence

The Pra Toda Vida Campaign (Whole Life Campaign) leaflets point out warning signs that are useful for all of society. There are changes in the child and/or teenager’s behavior that indicate that something wrong has happened or is happening. Pay attention to the following:

– Difficulty walking or sitting, which could be due to injury or bleeding to the genitals;
– Itching in the genital region;
– Complaints about pelvic or anal pain;
– Sadness, passivity, chronic depression or intense crying;
– Exaggerated fear of adults in general;
– Fear of the dark or of closed spaces;
– Eating disorders or changes to eating habits (loss or excessive hunger);
– Sudden acts of bad behavior and radical behavioral changes;
– Sleep patterns altered by frequent nightmares, agitation during rest periods at school, screaming, sweat caused by the fear of falling asleep and being abused;
– Daytime sleepiness;
– Carelessness with appearance;
– Low self-esteem;
– Aggression and irritation;
– Guilt and self-flagellation;
– Attempts to conceal marks on the body, wearing winter clothes when the weather is warm; and
– Adult teeth marks.

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