Pequeno Príncipe Hospital is awarded for its excellence

In the year of its centennial, Pequeno Príncipe Hospital has one more reason to celebrate: the accomplishment of achieving the Level 3 status in the National Certification Organization (ONA), the most important Brazilian certification entity in health services. Being a hospital known for its excellence means that the institution is dedicated to patient care, applies processes that prioritize the service’s organization, definition and optimization of internal work flows and standard protocols. With the accomplishment of ONA’s Level 3, Pequeno Príncipe is now part of a group of 10 hospitals in Paraná that are considered to be excellent in management, assistance quality and safety for patients and family members.

This is one of the subjects of the Pequeno Príncipe News’ 11th edition, that also brings an article about the Cardiology’s assistance carried out at Pequeno Príncipe Hospital (clinical, surgical and Intensive Care Unit), that in the past five years has significantly advanced in one of its main indicators. Despite already having a very low mortality rate, Cardiology made strides in this indicator, reducing it by almost 70% in 2018, in comparison to the rate in 2013. This and another specialty’s numbers are, in practice, the result of technical and managing actions that have been structured and strengthened.

Another subject of this news’ edition is a study developed by one of Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Research Institute’s teams that is evaluating babies between the ages of zero and three months who are currently hospitalized to surgically correct congenital heart defects in the Hospital’s Cardiac ICU. “The goal is to assess cases of immunodeficiencies that can be associated with these malformations,” explains Carolina Prando, researcher and doctor in charge of the research project.

At last, a report tells the history of André Sester Retorta, who for the past 20 years celebrated his birthday with the Pequeno Príncipe’s ICU Neonatal team. In 2019, the festivities began a week before his birthday (celebrated on the 29th of June), with friends he met on his first and challenging day of life. The young man and his family make a point of bringing a cake to the team that took care of André during his first 47 days of life. “You battled this along with me. I am so grateful for all the dedication you had with me and so many other children,” declared André as he cut the cake.

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