Social Engagement

Pequeno Príncipe’s history is marked by social mobilization. Since 1919, the support of citizens and private companies, as well as events such as Pequeno Príncipe Gala, has been essential. Physical and legal persons contribute by giving their time, talent and resources, whether that’s through direct donation or tax incentive laws.

A way to involve society in Pequeno Príncipe’s purpose is through promoting events, such as the Pequeno Príncipe Gala’s dinner. In this context, the participation of Daniele Giacomazzi Behring, Amalia Spinardi Thompson Motta and Belinda Badcock Brito has been fundamental.

Ambassador of the Pequeno Príncipe, Daniele has been working vigorously on the mobilization of individuals and companies on behalf of the infant-juvenile health cause. Born in Curitiba, she mobilizes her social network in Brazil and other countries on behalf of Pequeno Príncipe’s patients. Thanks to her dedication and collaboration, hundreds of people already took part in the events promoted by the institution and started to support its activities. In 2013, Daniele was the evening’s honoree.

Then Daniele presented the cause to Belinda. With the same disposition and good mood that she uses to take care of her family’s busy schedule, she passionately works on behalf of Pequeno Príncipe. With personal and professional experience in the four continents of the world, Belinda has an unique vision of human relationships. To her, Pequeno Príncipe’s work is an example to Brazil. 

Through her friends Daniele and Belinda, businesswoman Amalia learned about Pequeno Príncipe’s activities in healthcare. With a point of view that is was possible to balance personal and professional business with activities that would benefit society, Amalia joined the group to support the institution. In the 2016 Pequeno Príncipe Gala, she was the evening’s honoree.

In 2018, Monique Nosé joined the group and was one of the co-chairs for the event held in Curitiba.

Another important contribution comes from renowned chef Claude Troisgros. He’s been an enthusiastic supporter of Pequeno Príncipe’s gastronomical events since the beginning in 2011, and is now a patron of the Pequeno Príncipe Gala. In 2019, Troisgros completed eight years of partnership with Pequeno Príncipe, where he dedicates his time and talent on behalf of the thousands of boys and girls from all over Brazil.

You can also be a part of this positive mobilization network. Participate in Pequeno Príncipe Gala’s events! Click here and learn more about how to participate in this year’s event, which will be held on the 11th of October at Gotham Hall, in New York City, as a part of the celebrations for Pequeno Príncipe Hospital’s centennial.