Constant growing demand

As modern medicine takes steps forward, it is possible to have early diagnosis of cardiac diseases still during the prenatal period. This has increased the search for treatment centers specialized in newborn babies. There are increasingly complex cases, that require a long hospitalization period in the Intensive Care Unit and it is necessary that the Hospital meets this new reality.

“While a child with a less complex disease stays an average of seven days in the intensive care unit, a newborn baby occupies a bed in this unit for about 35 days,” explains Donizetti Dimer Giamberardino Filho, Pequeno Príncipe’s clinical director.

Due to these circumstances, Pequeno Príncipe Hospital is structuring to implant six more beds in the Cardiac ICU, increasing the service capacity by 33%.

“Besides the beds, another matter is the human factor, because we are talking about highly specialized teams in an environment that needs to function 24 hours a day for seven days a week,” points out José Álvaro da Silva Carneiro, Pequeno Príncipe Complex’s corporate director.

The Hospital is structuring a Realistic Simulation Center to train these professionals, alongside the medical residence programs, and it should begin its operations in the beginning of the second semester. The construction will be funded by Pequeno Príncipe and the equipment and furnishing will be purchased with funds raised through tax waivers with partnering companies, through the National Program to Support Oncological Attention.

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